Rely on competence.

Our motto is: we deliver any spinneret, regardless of whether or not you have a technical specification or drawing. Our engineers measure and create specifications for your spinnerets, record their requirements and verify their status. Even if your older spinnerets must only be restored for further use, we are your point of contact. At Enka Tecnica we have developed an innovative method for refreshing spinnerets and getting them right back into the production process. 


If your mission is precision, you have to take a meticulous look at everything. And that includes consulting.

Our experience has proven that perfect spinnerets or micro components are not those that simply have totally precise drill holes, but ones that ultimately make your production processes more efficient and profitable. Many factors play a crucial role in this. During the specification phase, we determine the specific aspects that apply to your individual project. What material and which finish are best suited for the task? How can we meet the requirements for the surface roughness? What is the ideal hole shape and pattern? How big is the diameter? How can we ensure seamless integration and accuracy of fit with your existing equipment? And what exactly is technically feasible?

Questions that we will be glad to answer for you. Expertly, concisely, precisely. Just what you would expect from our team of precision engineers.



Transforming old into new. Our Refresh Service for your spinnerets.

Spinnerets are exposed to extreme forces and loads. So it's no surprise that they have to be replaced on a regular basis at relatively short intervals. At least that is the prevailing opinion - and one that Enka Tecnica has proven wrong, because in 2010 we were the world’s first manufacturer to develop an innovative method for restoring spinnerets and getting them right back into the production process – at extremely attractive conditions and without compromising on quality.

Our restoration service includes preventive maintenance and refurbishment of capillaries and surfaces, repairing damage to capillaries and nozzle surfaces, modifying and optimising nozzles, and more. Furthermore, we can drill new or close existing holes and refurbish entire meltblown systems.

If you are uncertain whether a used spinneret can be restored back to its working condition, we will come to your company to evaluate the status and develop refurbishment options, even when it concerns extremely long nozzle plates. Our state-of-the-art machinery and the latest inspection methods in conjunction with specially developed optical devices let us transform old into new, even in challenging cases.

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Wilfried Schiffer

Managing Director / Administration

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