Most ordinary companies can look back on one history. We are backed by three of them.

Today, Enka Tecnica is one of the world's leading speciality providers of spinnerets and precision components. And certainly not by chance - our company is backed by the bundled know-how of three industry pioneers: Spinndüsenfabrik Gröbzig, Vereinigte Glanzstoff-Fabriken (later Enka/Akzo Nobel) and the American-Swiss company Engelhard Industries (later renamed Wetzel GmbH). Over the years, buyouts and sales have merged the paths of the three long-established companies. And have united more than 100 years of experience and expertise to create a sustainable company with excellent prospects for the future. Medium-sized, independent and owner-managed.


1910 - 2003
Spinndüsenfabrik Gröbzig

Spinneret factory founded

On 30 June 1909, watchmaker Christian Friedrich Eilfeld registers his patent for the world's first metal spinneret.

Worldwide success of the metal spinneret.

Word about the first metal spinneret spreads quickly throughout the world.

Leading position in Eastern Europe.

The Spinndüsenfabrik Gröbzig spinneret factory becomes one of the leading manufacturers of spinnerets in Eastern Europe - and maintains its position for decades, until the time of the German reunification.

Company acquired by Enka Tecnica.

The long-standing company is acquired by Enka Tecnica in 2003.

Vereinigte Glanzstoff-Fabriken

Vereinigte Glanzstoff-Fabriken, later renamed Enka/Akzo Nobel is founded.

On the basis of the patent to manufacture cellulosic filamen yarn, registered in 1897, the Vereinigte Glanzstoff-Fabriken factories were founded in 1899 in Wuppertal, Germany. Several years later, the name is changed to Enka.

From a department to an independent company.

The factory in Heinsberg-Oberbruch evolves into a leading production site for synthetic fibers in Europe. To meet the steadily growing requirements for high-end spinnerets, the in-house spinneret unit gradually develops into an extremely efficient and technically advanced department - and the nucleus of the Enka Tecnica company, established in 1998.

Enka Tecnica is founded.

The present-day company, Enka Tecnica, is established in 1998 in the German city of Heinsberg (near Aachen) as an independent company under the umbrella of the Enka group.

Enka Tecnica becomes independent.

After many decades, Enka Tecnica once again becomes an owner managed company as a result of a management buyout.

Acquired by Reifenhäuser.

Enka Tecnica becomes a member of the Reifenhäuser Group and will remain separate and independent.

Site opening in Kabelsketal, Germany.

Enka Tecnica opened its high technological production facility at its new site in Kabelsketal, Germany.

1927 - 1993
Engelhard Industries, later Wetzel GmbH


The American company Engelhard Industries starts with the production of metal spinnerets for the first time in 1927.


After its acquisition by Wetzel GmbH, the company develops pioneering production procedures using laser technology.

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