With passion from the idea to the perfect fiber.

Making holes. Not just any way, but with a precision that is second to none. And with an approach to efficiency that is not focused on what is possible, but rather on your special business needs. Superior products, economic processes, trusting and reliable partnerships: that is what Enka Tecnica embodies: After all our passion is all about the art of making the perfect hole. And we have been experts in that for more than 100 years. Now the only question is: When can we make you excited about our love of detail?


The Extrusioneers

Enka Tecnica is a member of the Reifenhäuser Group – the biggest network in plastics extrusion technology worldwide. Besides our expertise in injection molding we offer high line competence for extruded products as well. This stands us in good stead when it comes to production.

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Today, Enka Tecnica is one of the world's leading specialty providers of spinnerets and precision components. And certainly not by chance - our company is backed by the bundled know-how of three industry pioneers.


New production site Kabelsketal

Building in quick time. The time-lapse movie shows our new production site in Kabelsketal. Greater productivity, excellent transport links, improved logistics. These go without saying at Enka Tecnica's new site near Halle.

Core expertise

It starts with your idea and ends with the perfect fibre. And a whole lot of precision work in between.

Whether cleaning cloths, wadding nonwovens, cigarette filters, carpeting, sterile disposable clothing, dialysis filters, high-strength fabric, carbon composite materials, automobile tyres, insulation, filters, or the clothes of six billion people – it is hard to imagine today’s world without synthetic fibres – or without spinnerets. And we manufacture spinnerets for nonwovens, wet and dry spinning, melt spinning or micro components with a precision that is second to none. And with an approach to efficiency that is not focused on what is possible, but rather on what your business needs. For perfect products "made in Germany", for economical processes and trusting and reliable partnerships: that is what Enka Tecnica embodies. For more than 100 years.



Management of Enka Tecnica

Uwe Gaedike 
Managing Director


Do you have innovative ideas? With Enka Tecnica, you can be sure that they will remain yours.

As a pioneer in manufacturing spinnerets for nonwovens, wet and dry spinning, melt spinning and micro components, discretion is second nature to us - right from day one, and after the job is finished. Whether materials, hole patterns, capillary shapes, surface finishing or other aspects - we keep everything in confidence. A philosophy that our customers around the world have always appreciated. That much we can reveal.





Wilfried Schiffer
Managing Director





Friedmar Schittko
Managing Director


We don't leave the path of polymers to chance. We use ingenuity and the high art of engineering instead.

Whether dry spinning or wet spinning – 100 years after Hans Christian Eilfeld invented the metal spinneret, the functional principle still remains the same. What has changed, however, are the requirements for spinnerets. Precisely in the area of shape and surface structure.
For example, spinnerets often have up to 10,000 micro-sized drill holes with widely varying dimensions and cross-sectional profiles. To meet these requirements, Enka Tecnica not only relies on the experience of its highly qualified staff in Kabelsketal and Heinsberg, but has been using cutting edge measuring equipment and state-of-the-art 3D technologies for many years now. This includes the in-house development of computer-aided production equipment and facilities as well.
And always with one goal in mind: to supply you with the perfect spinneret for your process.


Working together
Our corporate values.

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Sales and Marketing

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Wilfried Schiffer

Managing Director

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Wilfried Schiffer

Managing Director

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