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Whether spinnerets for nonwovens, wet and dry spinning, melt spinning or micro components such as calibration nozzles, sonic nozzles, tactile probes and glue nozzles, custom-made precision components with microstructures, or special tools for micromachining, Enka Tecnica is one of the world’s leading specialists when it comes to manufacturing and restoration services. Our field teams, employees and representatives are based all around the globe, ready to serve our customers throughout the world. You’ll find Enka Tecnica wherever precision is key – and we’re right in your area, too.

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Susann Helfrecht
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Astrid Back
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Wilfried Schiffer
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Wilfried Schiffer
+49 2452 98896-0

Enka Tecnica

Orionstr. 2
06184 Kabelsketal

Gladbacher Straße 31
52525 Heinsberg

T +49 34602 9599-0 (Kabelsketal)
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